This,* is where I intend to be pretentious, pretend to be an academician and prove I’m probably…

P.s I don’t mean to come across passive aggressively but. You can just, you know,† like just, maybe like, you know, like, you know like… Just… You know like, you know like just, like just, maybe like, you know and maybe just like, yeah! Like,‡ click the academician tag on the blog posts or like something… If that’s not like just… You know. Too much to ask and stuff.†‡


Who is asking? – Part 1

Who is asking? – Part 2

Who is asking? – Part 3

Who is asking? – Part 4

Who is Asking? – Part 5


† I love a dramatic pause I does.
‡ And like, you know… Repetition and stuff?
†‡ Do you think that can be read three ways or one? A,B & AB